Friday, November 9, 2007

So this is Worldly and Infinitly Dimensional? It's bigger than I imagined.

So here on the shoals of the late late night
we tend to prance less,
flex a bit
and beat at our chests,
stare down the defiant and terrifying
angels, expand our throats
to accommodate the voices
of ogres, and build artifacts before
the gates of horn and ivory.

We create artifacts as well. This artifact, or what it might be represents the Worldly and Infinitely Dimensional. It could be said this started here:

In these times, the possibilities by which we may amplify, record, document, display, shape, formulate, and publish words increases daily. Although expanded media and its wide reach are in themselves a meaningful fact of our times, they don’t necessarily enhance a poetry’s resonance. How do we, and by we I mean both ourselves as ones and ourselves as groups, best construct and perform our poetries so as to be present in these particular times and yet open to the infinite possibilities of “projection,” “conception,” “performance”? Familiarizing ourselves with poets like Abigail Child, Julie Patton, Cecilia Vicuña, Rodrigo Toscano of Collapsible Poetics Theater, Bob Dylan, Linton Kwesi Johnson (some will be visiting the workshop), we will consider all means available and any means necessary to project living works into our world. Individually and collaboratively we’ll construct performances, visual works, sound events, improvisations, etc. Rachel Levitsky is the author of Under the Sun (Futurepoem) and is the founder and co-editor of Belladonna Books.

That it started with the Poetry Project is another beginning we might consider. Or it could have started before any of this though. We don't need to concern ourselves with all that weight though. If we wanted to talk about weight, we'd find Atlas. We're at the jump-off right here thanks to Rachel Levitsky (and the GZA if you ask me). So are you feeling froggy?

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