Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3/10 - Dimensions Present SPECTRAL CRAVINGS

Plays, performances, poems and sound by Pamela Brown, Andres Clerici,
Lydia Cortes, Kareem Estefan, Maria Mirabal, William Owen, Austin Publicover, Gail Tuch & Phyllis Wat
Coordinated by Rachel Levitsky

Monday, March 10, 7:00-9:00pm
@ Dixon Place
(258 Bowery, 2nd Floor—Between Houston & Prince)
Admission is $5 at the Door.

SPECTRAL CRAVINGS is an evening of plays that explore language, poems
that extend into performance, and all that falls in between the two
genres. The original works range widely in form and content, yet
share a grounded sensibility and commitment to infusing life into
poetry by stretching its limits. Lydia Cortes' short poetic dialogue
slices into a devolving intercultural marriage. Phyllis Wat will
present abstract sound poems, a collaboration with Austin
Publicover. Kareem Estefan's semi-improvisational performance recycles found
objects to generate conversations among the audience. Maria
Mirabal's ambiguous couple speak a language generated on and by the
train. Andres Clerici's visual expansions find air in claustrophobic
city backyards. William Owen and Pamela Brown collaboratively write
the meeting of East and West, and Gail Tuch has written A Play about
the possibility of play.

Dixon Place, a home for performing and literary artists, is dedicated
to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of
theater, dance and literature at various stages of development. An
artistic laboratory with an audience, we serve as a safety net,
enabling artists to present challenging and questioning work that
pushes the limits of artistic expression. With a warm, nurturing
atmosphere that encourages and inspires artists of all stripes and
persuasions, we place special emphasis on the needs of women, people
of color, youth, seniors and lesbian/gay artists. Dixon Place is a
local haven for creativity as well as an international model for the
open exploration of the process of creation.

Program of performances to come:

Monday, January 21, 2008

anyone still use this?

fun fill in the
just fill in the blanks...

1- home
2- high school
3- dreams

a- urination
d- pariahs
e- manners
f- physical strength
j- humiliation
k- humility
m- security
o- control
p- paranoia
r- violence
s- sibling
v- bear, bore, conjugations of birth
w- psychic activity (_____________)
y- death/(_________)
z- kites/(_________)

Friday, November 16, 2007


To publishers.:-.._ll')(

If you have any questions, please, feel free

From: Wii
Sent: Thursday, November 15-8, 0017.5 1:::: AM
To Subject: Re: permissions Fwd: request Attn: Ornithropter One/The Great Funk

Can there ever be peace in our time? Are we to know only the brutal fires of war and strife throughout the long years of our time, always uncomfortable with tranquility and favoring attrition? Is there to be no acknowledgment that the wind upon our faces is shared air? Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori?

Joking: permissions request from The Great Funk

You know how
I try. I try. I try. I’m particularly proud Mad Slice and I rarely find an appropriate use for krump in emails.

I have received them. It’s 8 hours to sever, work a bit and let me trusty digger run. Hopefully I can unzip tomorrow, peacefully joking about this.

Here is the excerpt after,

On 11/15/07 10:36 AM, "Hmmm. If I think back hard, I believe I can remember being physically threatened by you when we were playing several weeks ago. I have friends who would back me up in this statement (because I pay them well). In fact, I’m sure you beat me to a bloody pulp!" He said, he said, he said when he took it from the box and placed it on his head, when he pried the stones from their place, when he had them brought out, when he persecuted the persecuted and lashed his victims with their assaults. They spoke for this and told him the pages were his own.

In terms of the book- just a few pages.
The usual excerpt size
Use your discretion.

much downloading. I will post eloquence once.
I have your clear and begrudgingly given endorsement.

Did the Book regularly result
in requests? There was no
feed for the animals. They spoke
eloquently as a result before
they fell.

Madeleine, I have never lost a legal action, but be forewarned I did not become the Judicial Dragon for nothing. Nor will I allow you to stop me from turning the word “tree” into a curse word.

I’d email you the excerpt now, but it’s taking 2 hours to remove the contents of the folder from the zipped file (now see all the extra words you made me use).

That sounds like a plan. Please note that I may file a sexual harassment lawsuit for inappropriate use of the word “unzip.” Because I can.
I love that stuff, because
sometimes people
take me
from Wednesday

On Asher wrote,
This is one of the deliberations. The exact if dim lights are mostly flames, awful as some of the smells are they remain eager to shine, to wax the walls of houses, homes, to wash away little cat-goddesses with the crashing of heat and the enmity of particle acceleration in a stable pressure. Mail suits, fine chain, I received today. It is in the running that the judges fine their eyes and I catch on the exposed nails around the doorway.


You don’t understand liberty! I’d have to send them a cd .

You can’t get battery; that’s actual physical contact. You don’t understand freedom!
I don’t know how much of this you want!?
Am I providing for the whole Book, or am I
just sustaining
chapter 1.

If it is the whole book, since it is large.
Your case would get thrown out. Hence the Book would win . Assault is any threatening act, gesture, or comment.
so stick with that.
you’ve got
a shot (but not really *points vigorously at nickname*).
It’s the law Maddy, respect it!
(all hail the Dragon!)
Swear before Wii, The Judicial Dragon
Is this a threat? Are you threatening me? Shall I add ‘assault and battery’ to my list of grievances on your part?

Mad slice,

I have not received The Great Funk yo. I’ll keep an eye out and get krump on it, ya heard. If you can lay it down to the prods and see if they have the finals, smoke it and I’ll drop it for you.
The Jump-off
Funkmaster ,
Could you assist?
Many thanks,

Madeleine: "This time they are putting out the eyes of reviewers and emoticons.
They've created their great Funk,
a Hobbesian depression for December,
just in time, if you are amenable, please spend the night. Alternatively, send Word:

Ship to 11/14/07 5:06 PM
Interstellar Watch Solutions Inc. (
Bartlesville, Orion, Dastura,


As always, there is no charge
You try
I know. I’m particular and proud Mad Slice. I rarely find
an appropriate use
for krump
in emails.

Actually, all 5 GB of them. It’s gonna be about 8 hours to download from the server.
There are pictures at the bottom
of a bridge
so I am going to work
let me trusty digger run through yon night.
Hopefully the victim will unzip this tomorrow and get you.


Friday, November 9, 2007

So this is Worldly and Infinitly Dimensional? It's bigger than I imagined.

So here on the shoals of the late late night
we tend to prance less,
flex a bit
and beat at our chests,
stare down the defiant and terrifying
angels, expand our throats
to accommodate the voices
of ogres, and build artifacts before
the gates of horn and ivory.

We create artifacts as well. This artifact, or what it might be represents the Worldly and Infinitely Dimensional. It could be said this started here:

In these times, the possibilities by which we may amplify, record, document, display, shape, formulate, and publish words increases daily. Although expanded media and its wide reach are in themselves a meaningful fact of our times, they don’t necessarily enhance a poetry’s resonance. How do we, and by we I mean both ourselves as ones and ourselves as groups, best construct and perform our poetries so as to be present in these particular times and yet open to the infinite possibilities of “projection,” “conception,” “performance”? Familiarizing ourselves with poets like Abigail Child, Julie Patton, Cecilia Vicuña, Rodrigo Toscano of Collapsible Poetics Theater, Bob Dylan, Linton Kwesi Johnson (some will be visiting the workshop), we will consider all means available and any means necessary to project living works into our world. Individually and collaboratively we’ll construct performances, visual works, sound events, improvisations, etc. Rachel Levitsky is the author of Under the Sun (Futurepoem) and is the founder and co-editor of Belladonna Books.

That it started with the Poetry Project is another beginning we might consider. Or it could have started before any of this though. We don't need to concern ourselves with all that weight though. If we wanted to talk about weight, we'd find Atlas. We're at the jump-off right here thanks to Rachel Levitsky (and the GZA if you ask me). So are you feeling froggy?